Operation and technical specifications

FF-SIGNAL receives the incoming signal from the base station and transmits it all the way through the wall, thereby maintaining the strength of the signal as it travels indoors. The FF-SIGNAL repeater element works both ways, which means that it also repeats outgoing signals from building interiors. The signal transmission efficiency of the FF-SIGNAL element has been measured and tested in laboratory conditions and confirmed by means of numerous field tests.

The FF-SIGNAL consists of two FF-PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation panels (20 mm) manufactured by Finnfoam Oy, with a signal-amplifying antenna element between them.

kuva03-en.jpgFF-SIGNAL 20

Length 1 200 mm, width 200 mm, thickness 40 mm



Length 1 200 mm, width 300 mm, thickness 40 mm


FF-SIGNAL - Insertion Loss




The insertion loss of FF-SIGNAL is very low and always under the limit (-15 dB) set/recommended by operators, at which they guarantee operation of their networks. The loss in current structures is usually between -30…-70dB.